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Every dollar you donate helps the music and mission of the Elgin Symphony Orchestra on the stage and in the community:

  • $7.50 can help one at-risk child attend an ESO Kidz Konzert in April, 2018
  • $120 can help cover the costs of a two-night stay for a guest artist at our corporate partner Holiday Inn & Suites
  • $750 can help cover the cost of a traveling ensemble visiting a school for two assemblies
  • $1,200 can help cover the cost of renting music for one song for the orchestra for a concert weekend
  • $6,000 helps underwrite the hall rental costs of a concert and allows you to be a concert sponsor
  • $10,000 helps cover the cost of a guest artist
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Letter from Henrietta Neeley (viola) regarding playing in the hospital:

support-makeADifference-henrietta“I had just begun playing in the Critical Care unit when a nurse stood in front of me with a legal pad on which was written “Ave Maria?” When I came to the end of my piece she explained to me that it was a very sad day today in their unit. A young mother was dying of cancer, leaving three children ages 10, 6 and 4. The family was with her just down the hall. The nurse knew it was a Catholic family and thought they would appreciate the Ave Maria. Fortunately I had the music and began to play. As I did a man walked by me in tears and the nurses hugged him and comforted him. He turned to me to say thank you…without words, but with his expression….as he left. I was incredibly touched. This was a very special day at Sherman, more so than any other time I’ve played for Musicians Care. I have know from personal experience there the compassion of the staff. It was never more evident than today…not only from the tears of the nurses shed with a grieving family….but the compassion in requesting music that would mean something to them personally. I was incredibly honored to be asked to share in those moments. These are the times when Musicians Care truly is meaningful to everyone.”

– Henrietta Neeley, ESO viola



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