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ESO World Tour - Ainsworth Concerts for Youth

Field Trip Music Samples

2018-2019 Field Trip Program:
ESO World Tour

Below are the Musical Accompaniments to the 2018-2019 Teachers Guide: ESO World Tour

Music Link #1: Spring Festival Overture (China) / Li Huanzhi

1. Spring Festival Suite: I. Overture     

Music Link #2: Shepherd’s Hey (Australia) / Percy Grainger

2. Grainger: Shepherd's Hey     

Music Link #3: Polonaise brillante No. 2 (Poland) / Henryk Wieniawski

3. Polonaise brillante No. 2 in A Major, Op. 21     

Music Link #4: African Drumming Demo (Africa)

4. West African Drumming     

Music Link #5: Mambo from West Side Story (America/Latin America) /Leonard Bernstein

5. West Side Story : The Dance at the Gym - Mambo