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Traveling Ensembles

Do you remember the first time you experienced live music? Imagine that you are 7 years old again and a group of accomplished, professional musicians arrive to perform an assembly at your school. You sit on the gymnasium floor, reveling in the luscious blend of the string quartet, the bright sonority of the brass quintet, the amusing characters of the woodwind quintet, the variety of percussion instruments and the magic of rhythm!

ESO musicians have instruments that travel…and bring a performance adventure to your school!

Many current academic studies reinforce the theory that listening to and studying music develop the ability to think creatively. Schools with strong music programs have higher rates of graduation and better standardized test scores.

ESO Traveling Ensemble programs reinforce the goals for Illinois Learning Standards in the Fine Arts.

To engage an ESO Traveling Ensemble to perform at your school, call or email Wendy Evans, Education and Community Outreach Manager:  w.evans@elginsymphony.org or 847-888-0404 ex. 238

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Invite ESO musicians to your location to perform these delightful programs designed to reinforce the goals for Illinois Learning Standards for Fine Arts. Ranging in cost from $400 to $1200, these ensembles will perform two identical back-to-back performances.

String Quartet: grades K-5
How does music make you feel? Using great Hollywood favorites including music from Psycho, Jaws and Pirates of the Caribbean, these players will demonstrate stringed instruments and how they are used to enhance what is happening on the silver screen. Program length: 40-45 minutes.

Brass Quintet: grades K-5
Drawing from a wide range of musical styles, this ensemble will explore the top of the piccolo trumpet to the depths of the tuba to demonstrate the evolution of music over the past 300 years. Program length: 40-45 minutes.

Woodwind Quintet: grades K-5
This group, consisting of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and French horn, presents the classic tale of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev. Each instrument will demonstrate sound and range by representing the characters of the story. Program length: 40-45 minutes.

Apollo Trio: grades 3-6
Are your students at the age when they are deciding which instrument to play? This eclectic ensemble introduces three of the instrument families within a symphony orchestra: strings, woodwinds and brass.

Double Bass Duo: grades K-5
The lowest, the largest and the most audacious of the string family, the double basses will entertain with low sounds. You’ll say, “Who knew a bass could do that?” Program length: 40-45 minutes.

Magic of Rhythm: Percussion, Violin and Illusions: grades K-8
This ensemble explores how a composer uses rhythm to create magic in our lives. It’s a combination of melody, rhythm, and magical illusions. Accompanied by the audience’s participation, the stage comes alive with exotic instruments from around the world, delightful music, and fantastic magic guaranteed to amaze! Program length: 45 minutes.

Around the World with Percussion: grades K-8
The ESO Percussion Ensemble spins the globe and visits countries around the world. They show off the incredible variety of instruments that make up the percussion family and introduce students to characteristic music of the countries they visit. Program length: 40-45 minutes.


TrioESO: grades K-8
TrioEso offers a diverse and interactive educational music program designed to get students to experience classical music firsthand. Students will interface with the artists by participating in exercises including singing musical themes and clapping rhythms. Students will also get to see the instruments up close and participate with the musicians face-to-face when they perform within the audience. This engaging educational program will harness students’ innate creative abilities and improve the way they listen to classical and contemporary music. Program length: 40-45 minutes.

Mother Goose Duo:  pre-K to grade 2
ESO musicians Sara Sitzer, cello, and Mark Fry, bass trombone, engage young audiences with two favorite tales: Red Riding Hood and Billy Goats Gruff.

Music and Migration: grades 1-8
Join a string quartet of musicians from the Elgin Symphony Orchestra in exploring the music of diverse composers as we investigate how their journeys and cultural roots inspired their art. Through interactive presentations and performances, learn about ways composers can use musical techniques to stir the imagination and create musical scenery, stories, and tapestries that span multiple cultures and eras–and see how your own musical decisions can influence how a piece sounds and feels!